"We have been very pleased with our solution from Idrontas. I especially like how the Idrontas solution has centralized our corporate data in one place.  That allows us to automate our manufacturing with ERP, the back office, and front office with Sales Order Processing and Automated Accounting".  Glenn Kammerman, GTS president.

OAG is focusing on promoting interoperability among business applications and creating business language standards to support this goal.

Using ebXML companies now have a standard method to exchange business messages, conduct trading relationship, communicate data in common terms, and define and register business processes.


Idrontas delivers on its promise...
Idrontas is focused to ensure your success in both QB Enterprise implementation and Business Process Integration. Nipendo Beehive allow you to seamlessly integrate your business processes with your business partners.

Quickbooks Enterprise

Nipendo Beehive


Company News

Idrontas and Nipendo have signed a partnership agreement.

Nipendo completed a Beehive release 1.05

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DCI BPM conference
San Francisco, CA - Nov 9-11, 2004

Eyal Rosenberg presented Beehive solution implementation at McCann Ericson.


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